HQ Racing vehicle specifications:

The HQ class of racing, is a one make series based on the HQ Holden, 202, 3 speed, 4 door sedan with front disc brakes as produced by GMH between 1971 and 1974. The class has been designed to produce close racing at a minimum cost.

Body: HQ Holden

Chassis: Standard Chassis Rails and Floor Plan

Engine: 202 Red motor maximum .060" oversize.
Wade 933 controlled camshaft .
Standard crankshaft.
Conrods must be standard type.
Engine may be blue printed and balanced.
Sump may be baffled.
Cast pistons only, compression ratio is minimum 45cc.
Must be sealed.

Cylinder Head: Valve springs are free, but only one spring per valve (no double valve springs).
Valves are free subject to a maximum head size of exhaust 1.375" and inlet 1.675".

Exhaust: Exhaust system is free from cylinder head exit.

Carburettor: Standard six cylinder 202 red motor Stromberg carburettor (one only).
Jets are free.
Air cleaner - Speco HQ 900 AC - controlled item.

Cooling: Radiator is free but must bolt to original holes.
Electric fan may be fitted.

Gearbox: Original 3-speed manual gearbox must be sealed.
Floor shift may be fitted.

Clutch: Method of actuation is free. One ton clutch assembly may be fitted.

Differential: Standard non-limited slip Banjo or Salisbury type Ratio 3.55 to 1, must be sealed.

Wheel Alignment: The camber on each front wheel must not exceed 3° negative. The rear wheel camber must not exceed 0° ± 1° negative.

Suspension: Suspension components are strictly controlled by the use of a " Pedders HQ Racing Kit". 
All mounting points must remain in original position.
All bushings must remain original rubber.

Steering: Non power steering

Brakes: Front disc PBR or Girlock type.
Rear drum type.
Friction lining type free.
Brake hoses maybe replaced with those of aeronautical standard.

Wheels:14"x 7" or 14"x 8" mags or steel rims.

Tyres: shall be The Kenda Klever H/P KR 15 P235/60R1496H . The current control Kumho and Maxxis tyre maybe used until current personal supplies have been exhausted. However only one brand/type tyre maybe used on the competition vehicle and NO mixing of tyre brands will be permitted.

Pump Fuel: A Commercial Fuel , with a maximum ethanol content of 10%. Pump Fuel shall
be available for sale on demand from a roadside retail bowser outlet at each of at least five separate service stations in each of at least three Australian States. A mixture of Pump Fuels with the same hydrocarbon profile is permitted (eg, brands of unleaded petrol (ULP) may be mixed; 10% ethanol-blended fuels and ULP may not be mixed, lead replacment additives as per cams rule book).

Minimum Racing Weight: 1365kg (Total weight including driver post race)

*Please note, this is for reference only and a Full technical document should be read with the current CAMS manual for up to date regulations. Particularly the 3H regulations, and Bulletins
Links to amendments to the regulations can be found by searching on the CAMS website